B16 BRIGHTEST Volunteer Firefighter Warning Green Light

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B16 Dash Warning strobe light is the most brightest, powerful, compact, and efficient volunteer firefighter warning light which is made to move traffic both day and night when you respond to an emergency call.

Color : Green

  • Voltage: DC 12VDC
  • Features NEW Generation TIR LED technology
  • 4 LEDs in every module (16 LEDs total)
  • 15 user selectable flash patterns
  • Self contained internal flasher
  • Low profile aluminum housing, sleek design
  • Two Button Controller, One button for ON/OFF, another button for pattern selection
  • Included flashback shield
  • Interior use only
  • Includes 8’ cord Cigarette Plug with on/off switch for easy installation
  • Standard suction cup mounting and L brackets included
  • Dimensions: Length: 17” x Width: 3.75” x Height: 1.6”


Package Include:

1) B16 Green Dash Warning Light

2) Flashback Shield

3) 2 sets of L Bracket & Suction Cups